National Bad Poetry Day : 2010 (The best BAD poem ever)


My friend Jena excitedly posted on my Facebook wall, telling me about National Bad Poetry Day.

She knew I could let the sun go down on this one!

I've decided to dedicate a BAD poem to my dear husband.

Here goes:

I love you | I love you | I love you | Yes, I do | Twitter

I love you

I love you

I love you

Yes, I do

I love you so much that it hurts my head

My love, my love

Is not tied by a thread

It's big and it's loud

Like a toot in a quiet crowd

I love you

I love you

I love you

Yes, I do

I love you more than licorice - or jelly beans - or rice

Your love is like food that's filled with spice

I don't like spicy food but I do like you

I like you more than my Sketcher's shoe

Just one shoe?

That's silly, you say

But you're the match to my pair - let's put it that way

I love you

I love you

I love you

Yes, I do

We're soul mates and lovers and friends and the rest

What is the "rest"?

Don't make me feel stressed

It's hard to answer

When under the gun

To write a bad poem

Before the setting sun.

Off you go now to mull and consider

But before I'm done, you really must know

I love you more than yes...

Even twitter.


ABOUT the Author:

Shara Lawrence-Weiss is the owner of Mommy Perks, Personal Child Stories, Early Childhood News and Resources and Kids Perks. She has a background in education, early childhood, nanny work, published freelance, marketing and special needs.


#3 Guest 2010-08-19 00:23
Oh Shara, you are lovable and huggable. So fun! Thanks for my daily dose of laughter and inspiring me to laugh again. BTW, that tree is so wanting to hug you back. LOL! :lol:
#2 Guest 2010-08-18 17:40
Haha, I love it, I love it, yes i do :)
#1 Guest 2010-08-18 17:00
As the object of your affection I think I am flattered. Not positive about that, but I will give the benefit of the doubt and say thank you.

I love you more than pancakes.

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