Boredom is beneficial to brain development {my mom knew it all along}

My mother used to tell us girls that boredom wasn't something to run from. In fact, she used to allow us to get bored from time to time...on purpose.

Can you imagine?

Nowadays, many parents have their kids scheduled from morning till night with no time for free play or imagination development. It used to really tick me off when my mother would say, "I don't care that you're bored. Figure out something to do."

Last week I was dead beat tired. I told my daughter to go into her room and play for a while, so I could have some quiet time. She replied, "But I'll be BORED!" I answered (while feeling totally and utterly guilty), "That's okay. You may just figure out something to do, all on your own."

A while later she peeked her head out and said, "Mommy - come look at what I made for you!"


I said, "Wow! What is it?"

She answered, "It's an ant tower. I saw an ant in my room and I knew he needed a tower to live in and climb up. So he can reach my ceiling." She was so proud of her creation that she beamed.

Thanks, mom. You were right! Once again.


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#1 Jan 2012-02-28 15:32
I knew it! Thank you for confirming it! My children complained about being bored, but not so much because I would always tell them they could wash windows or mop the floors, etc. They didn't like my suggestions, so they found something to get busy doing all on their own! Now my grandchildren are bored, and they have so many electronic things that bleep!

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