Free Preschool coloring pages: back-to-school, special needs, music, reading and circle time


The following Preschool coloring pages were specifically created and designed for our readers, courtesy of Kabongo.

Idea: Use these pages as a starting point for "back to school" discussions, letting the kids know what's coming and what their days might consist of.

Idea: Sit children in groups of 5 and have each one color/draw on one page. Allow the kids to talk about their specific page, sharing about their hopes or anxieties for the new school year.

Tip: Right click each page below and select "View Image." The full page will open up and you can print from there.

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(Conversation point: Welcome back to school or...welcome to the new students! School is going to be so much fun this year. We'll have outdoor time, indoor time, music time, circle time, snacks and more!)


Playground Time:

(Conversation point: Talk about making new friends, keeping old friends, engaging with everyone and being kind, etc.)


Music Time:

(Conversation point: Your students will not likely be playing horns, drums or guitars! You can chat with them, however, about how they will probably be using finger cymbals, noise makers, toilet-paper-roll horns, beans inside paper plates and so on.)



Reading Corner:

(Conversation point: Does your classroom have a reading corner with beanbag chairs, a couch or a rug? What books will the kids be reading? What books do they enjoy most? What books did they read or look at during summer vacation? You might also mention that younger children can sign up for Dolly Parton's free book club - to receive free books in the mail. Get sign-up forms from your local library.)


Circle Time:

(Conversation point: Will each morning start with Circle Time? End with Circle Time? What will the student do and learn during Circle Time? What are the rules they need to follow about sitting down, having good listening ears and so on?)


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