Earth Day ideas and products (2011)


Recently, the Mommy Perks fan page community was invited to share their Earth Day ideas. Below are some unique tips and products!

Turtle-Gardening-SetActivities and Ideas:

51 ways to make every day earth day with children (from Bethany).

Here's my reduce, reuse, recycle article about my broken Polish Pottery. Also, we send reusable bags with every purchase - great for grocery shopping and the library! (from Leah)

Recycle and Reuse! (from Darla)

Earth Day ideas via Mommy Perks (from Shara).

Vegetable Garden Dirt Cups (from Sherry and Wendy).

Create a book like the Cap Catcher - to encouarge kids to re-use their caps! (from Shara)

Here is a post I wrote about three of my favorite books to read for Earth Day. They spark some great conversations (from Julie).

Lots of re-use craft ideas! (from Barb)

Here's a tip: we reuse our fruit bags for scrub sponges. Instead of buying sponges just take your fruit bag, usually red or orange in color, remove the label and turn inside out. Tie that with string to hold it together or sew it into place. Now you're ready to scrub some dishes! (from Carla)

Here's a short blog post I wrote with several activities for Earth Day (from Darla).

For Earth Day this year, we are going to create fun art projects using recycled material and things we find in our backyard. One idea is to make a birthday picture for the Earth and put it in a frame using sticks that can be glued together.... In our house we re-use printer paper on the clean side. While working, you can make up a fun song about the Earth. We have one that goes: "Earth's your Birthday....celebrate your Earth that's great...keep it clean and keep it green....Earth's your Birthday! (from Mommy Masters)

I reuse all of the plastic shopping garbage bags as my small bathroom trash bags. I cut the plastic bags up and use them as filler for gifts when I need packing material and to stuff things. I collect them and take them back to the grocery store. I use old lemons as disposal cleaner. I use vinegar for everything. I rarely, if ever buy cleaning products. I know these aren't the most fab ideas, but they are everyday ideas (from Proactive Parenting).

Green tips, remedies and Victory Gardens (from Win Key Solutions). stirs customers towards requesting getting their order in recycled packaging (from Bola).


We recently launched our website that only sells ecofriendly party supplies including decorations, favors, tableware, gifts, invitations and much more. Check us out at (from Monica).

My handmade, environmentally-friendly cleaning products are a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Check us out at (from Jenny).

I make hand made grocery bags. They are reusable and washable (from Caroline).

I have some ECO-friendly Personalized Tote Bags (from Sherry).

Turtle Gardening Set - a fun way to get children interested in gardening (from Victoria).

Reduce, reuse and recycle toys! (from Shannon)

We have two products that help keep traditional plastic baggies out of landfills, saving families about $60 a year. They are great lunch packaging solutions: Lunchskins and Bright Bin (from Angela).

I recycle everything possible (including clothes, furniture, etc.) and compost (free good fertilizer) for my garden. I also only use products that will not harm the environment or my family...(from Julianne).


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Thank you for adding us to the environmentally friendly products list Shara :)
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Thanks for including us in this fabulous line-up Shara!

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